Additional Events
APERTURA organizes professional one-on-one chats between a moderator and established professionals in the entertainment industry to serve as informational and inspirational sessions to those in the attending audience.

These "A Chat With...", when presented, are concurrent with the showcase screenings at the Egyptian Theater and are presented on the 77 seat small theater (Spielberg) previous to the screenings. It gathers one or two top talent, experts and/or executives for an informal, but substantial, conversation with a moderator (often Alex Mendoza himself). They are individuals with a proven expertise and with a career worth relating that are discussed in a full encompassing fashion. The audience attendees are members of the industry at the entry or mid level. They are not always scheduled even if there is an APERTURA screening, they are scheduled only if a true top individual is secured to chat with, guaranteeing this way that whenever these chats are scheduled, they will deliver to the audience insight, knowledge and expertise to further their own careers.

On most of our screening, thanks to our sponsors and/or the programs presented, we celebrate a post-screening cocktail, for our audience to mingle, meet and expand their network. We truly believe that these opportunities are esential in order to gain collaborative associations between all those involved on our entertainment community. We believe that "Is not what you know, it is who... KNOWS YOU!"